A Snippet into Coterie Spring 2018

Visions of cashmere and leather were just starting to fill our heads when all of sudden we found ourselves in New York City buying for Spring 2018! (and in case you were wondering ruffles are still a HUGE trend)

It has been a grind lately and being at the center of the fashion was a refreshing experience that has us feeling INSPIRED!

What is Coterie?

It is THE marquee event for both designers and buyers. Designers set up shop and show their latest collections for retailers/buyers to purchase for their store(s).

It's a place to meet new designers and suppliers, and for us those connections are so important.

(Taking it all in while walking to our next appointment!)

Before the Show

If you have not noticed yet, I love to plan... I reach out to vendors a month before the show to set appointments and schedule two days of buying. We slot in a long lunch and plenty of time for exploration, because this is our best opportunity to find new brands.

Last year we discovered Sanctuary which we love and Mollioli (beautiful eco-fur).

At the Show

(Weeding through all of the merchandise)

This time around I had the whole team with me (Justin and Savonna) which was great! It's a flurry of activity, weeding through spring deliveries, pulling items we like and passing on a lot of stuff (we are curating after all).

(A potential winner for spring, what do you think!?)

We usually don’t buy on the spot because we feel like it is important to come home and look at everything as a whole. I also find it hard to size and edit after looking at so many clothes. (Brain can not compute any more information)

This year, with the whole team there, we were able to place a small order for immediates on the spot. These are items the designer has in inventory, and the quantities are limited!

Editing it down

After 3 long days, and a 5 hour bus trip, I was finally home to process all this new information. This is really the fun part, where we really build our collection, the editing!

(Why so serious!? We really put a lot of thought behind each piece of clothing)

There are deadlines coming up quick, so you'll find me at my desk for the next week, thinking of our customers, price point, quality, and of course style! 

Until next time.