Behind the Scenes of a Mission Edit Product Shoot

With the lack of a big-time budget to hire professionals we decided shooting our own photography was a must. Cameras, lenses, backdrops, lighting, post-processing it was a lot to get a handle on, and we want to bring you behind the scenes and show you how we do it!

“Your Shipment is Ready”

One of the benefits of shooting our product ourselves, is that we can shoot whenever we want, as much as we want. Still, I need to start planning with product on the way.

I create outfits for each product to show you how versatile they can be with some creativity and expert help. Here is the shot list for Autumn Cashmere and an Indigenous sweater:

Pictured (top to bottom): Jenny Bird Mia Hoops, Hoola Hoops, Icon Hoops


Prep before the shoot

I have always been a fan of preparation, and list making, I have lots and lots of lists, I even keep lists of lists… so of course I print out the outfit list, and lay out everything I’ll need. I even stage all the jewelry, shoes and jeans in a way that shaves off seconds from each change (I’m a quick change artist). All tops get steamed, because it’s MUCH easier than “steaming” in photoshop...

With the camera battery charged, memory card cleared (I did back up those photos right?), I try on every outfit to make sure it’s just right. There are ALWAYS some outfits that look good on paper but don’t work out in reality, I’m constantly editing until I’m happy with the outfit.

Now to prep myself I call my hair stylist (me), my makeup artist (me), my manicurist (me), and we go to work. The hair is how I wear it everyday, I want you to see everything un-glamorized and real. Makeup on the other hand is much much heavier than I’d normally wear, it’s “stage” makeup, this is just so it looks good in photos but it’s reflective of my everyday look in photos.

Lights Camera Action!

While the team is doing my hair and makeup, Justin is busy setting up the studio. It’s pretty quick, he pretty much has it down to a science… pull down the back-drop, set up the lights, check the white balance, find the right playlist...

With the first look on the fun starts, we turn up the music and start shooting!

We get a few cute shots with personality from the front, then we do the left, right and back to get every angle of the sweaters. Justin will come up closer and get some detailed shots of the sweater. We’ll spend a minute or two shooting each look and  if we want to see the photos on a bigger screen we will quickly hook up the camera to the TV (Justin loves technology).

Pictured: Autumn Cashmere Motocross Stripe Cashmere Crew Sweater, Parker Smith Bombshell Skinny Noir, Jenny Bird Icon Hoops

The Aftermath

Justin will clean up the studio and restore our space to its original state (it is our living room after all). I work on putting away the product and the aftermath of the hair, makeup and shoe frenzy.

We use Lightroom for editing (I do this ASAP), it helps us sift through and edit hundreds of photos in only a couple hours. It’s pretty easy to learn with a few youtube tutorials and practice hours.

This Just in!

Once I edited the photos I export them, rename and save the photos to the appropriate folders (SEO woohoo!). Usually at this point it is past midnight aka my bedtime.

The next morning’s priority is to upload the new product photos onto the website and get the word out! This is my favorite part: I share the arrival of new product(s) on all of our social media platforms.

That is how we plan and execute a product shoot Mission Edit style. Leave us a comment if you have any other questions about our process. Or if you have any tips or hacks that you have learned in your photography journey.

Until next time.