Buy-Now-Wear-Now: On Sale

January might be the month when all of the holidays come to an abrupt stop and you finally come to terms with how cold it is outside. But it just also happens to be the month of sales.

Here at Mission Edit we too have our winter sale going on and we have some great pieces for you to add to cart and liven up your winter wardrobe. The best part? You won’t even have to get up from under your blanket for these fabulous pieces to show up at your door.

The Coolest Faux Fur Jacket

Scrolling down your Instagram feed you have probably seen many variations of the “faux fur coat” this season. Each one holding its own appeal. But what makes this jacket so appealing? Three words: quality, style and price.

This jacket is one of the highest quality faux fur coats in the industry. The pink stripes on the coat play to a sporty vibe while the price point remains under $250. (Now on sale for $175!) If that wasn’t convincing enough it is also SUPER warm. If you are feeling bold pick one up.

The Investment Piece

All I have to say is if you haven’t bought yourself one great sweater this season this is IT! Not only is this the perfect black sweater it is also an investment piece for your winter wardrobe.

What's the best part of this sweater you ask? The design is so beautiful that you won’t get tired of it! Every time you pull it out you will fall in love all over again. Now that's a magical sweater. We only have two you better get yours fast!

The Cozy Throw

This throw screams let’s curl up drink hot chocolate and watch the snow fall. While everyday can’t be such a daydream this throw will help ease your winter blues.

Hand knitted from organic alpaca and wool let this luxurious throw find a place in your home.

Try pairing it with a silk cami, light blue jeans and your favorite suede booties for a surreal winter look.

So what will it be? Which beautiful piece will become a member of your wardrobe? With so many great choices on sale we don’t blame you if you can’t pick just one.

Until next time.