Change your Jewelry, Change your Life

Change your jewelry, change your life...okay I’m being a little dramatic but investing in a few great pieces of jewelry can really maximize the potential of what you already own (and let’s face it some things you don’t yet).

Take for instance this navy silk t-shirt...

This silk t-shirt is an essential. Maybe you are thinking this t-shirt is too plain for my taste or maybe you are loving how minimal it is. Either way you will see how this essential shirt can take on a multitude of looks when styled with different jewelry.  

Statement Jewelry

The first type of jewelry I will talk about is statement jewelry. This is a piece of jewelry that is either large in size, super colorful, or has any other feature that demands attention. Simply put a statement piece takes center stage while the t-shirt acts as the perfect base layer.

Do you see how thisstatement necklace really demands your attention and takes center stage?

Dainty Jewelry

Instantly this t-shirt looks more minimalist. We added a simple necklace and thinhoops which allows this dainty jewelry and t-shirt to have an equal opportunity to shine. The dainty jewelry adds the right amount of interest but does not overshadow the t-shirt. You could say that dainty jewelry helps balance out the entire look.

Occasion Jewelry

Sophistication,elegance and elevated are words that come to mind when you see the Edie hoop styled with the silk t-shirt. Some people think they have to save occasion jewelry for only one type of outfit or for an “occasion”. In reality you can wear certain occasion jewelry with something less formal and yield a fresh unexpected look.

So see I wasn’t lying, changing your jewelry really does change your life. But in all realness invest in a few great pieces, mix and match and let the fun begin. Make sure to check out my blog post Hello can you hear me? To find out how Mission Edit is trying to bring value to your shopping experience.

Leave us a comment and let us know which style you want to try!