Designer Spotlight: Twenty

About Twenty

Are you familiar with the brand Twenty!? Designer David Helwani is the man behind the luxury knit line. Born in Montreal, David grew up involved in his family's textile business and dedicated himself to developing expertly crafted knits. He decided to launch Twenty tees when he felt like there was “a lack of luxurious and sexy knitwear brands,” offered to women. Twenty offices are currently based out of California and NYC and everything is made in his hometown Montreal.

The Perfect day-to-night top

Cavendish Cashmere High Neck top

(This ultra soft sleeveless top from Twenty is clean, unfussy and will adapt to your day-to-evening schedule).

First thing is first...the COLOR. We are obsessed with it. The color is called brick and we like that it is a muted red for fall but still vibrant enough to catch your eye.

We also like that the top is a modal/cashmere blend. Making it super soft and comfortable. Which is great for the woman who needs a top she can wear all day and night.

(The smallest details are what separates this top from being a typical sleeveless turtleneck).

The tie detail on this sleeveless top is EVERYTHING! This detail really sets the top apart and elevates the entire design. Modern minimalist? Tie it in a knot. Feeling girly? Try tieing it in a bow.

Wear to: office, dinner, girls night, brunch, semi-formal event.

Wardrobe Essential

Crescent Luxe Knit tie Cardigan

(Wear this timeless piece forever. You will thank yourself later for investing in such a great piece).

This is it people! This is the luxury version of the fast fashion cardigan you own and have replaced 8 times by now. This cardigan from Twenty is the ultimate wardrobe staple and will be in your closet FOREVER!

(Notice two sets of ties so you can style this cardigan multiple ways).

Designed for uncomplicated styling the cardigan offers two different sets of ties that can be knotted in the front, back or both. You have several options of how you can tie the piece so that you can make it work for every outfit.

Wear to: work, on airplane (travel), around the house, running errands, to dinner and more.

Which pieces are a must have for you? Leave us a comment and let us know.

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