Desk to Cocktails: How a young professional does it

We advocate investing in quality, versatile pieces that can be mixed and match to multiply your wardrobe. But how does that work out in practice?

We talked to Nina (roommate and long time friend) to discover her three go-to pieces that help her go from the desk to happy hour in a flash.

Name: Nina
Age: 26
Occupation: Marketing
Dress code: Business casual 
Work environment: Young and vibrant
Goals: Build a smarter wardrobe

Work Event Ready

(For work Nina wears the BLQ ribbed  dress with heels and a statement  necklace)

Why she loves it for work:

I work in a business casual office but when I have to set up for an event I am required to dress up. When I tried on the BLQ dress I fell in love with it instantly. The dress is so comfortable and the double layer really hugs the body in all the right places (ladies, trust me) giving me total confidence. Also the length of the dress allows me to bend over or reach up without feeling exposed.

Ready for Cocktails

(To transition this dress for a night out I change my shoes and add a leather jacket.)

Why it transitions well:

After a long day we usually move into a cocktail reception. Events usually take place in DC and I live in Reston (you do the math, TRAFFIC JAM) I don't have time to run home and change. With this dress I can change my shoes, add a jacket and I am all set. Also as I mentioned before I don't mind wearing this dress all day because it is SO comfortable!

The Blouse

(Nina wears the Sanctuary choker blouse, hunter green pants, nude heels and  hoops for a day time office look)

Why I love this blouse:

First of all I love the choker look, so I was instantly attracted to this blouse. I like wearing the top on days I want to be comfortable but still look put together. I like that the blouse has an incredible drape and flatters the right parts of the body. 

Out for Happy Hour

(Just a change of shoes and boom I'm ready for Happy Hour)

P.S details count! This top is full of so many special details. I especially LOVE the keyhole on the back of this blouse. 

Casual Friday

(I throw my blazer over my  bodysuit on casual Friday to make it work appropriate)

The best Bodysuit:

I am no stranger to the bodysuit! (Seriously one of my favorite styles, even my style icon wears them!) I will admit though in the past I would buy bodysuits that were great the first few wears but over time would stretch out. The BLQ bodysuit has stretch but doesn't loose it's shape. It is super flattering and I can't stop wearing it!

Date Night

(After work I just take the blazer off, add a  choker and change my shoes and I’m ready)

Since I am over fast fashion but still on a budget it is super important to me to have quality pieces that can be worn for work and play. As I mature in life and in my career I realize I want to focus on building a smarter wardrobe for my lifestyle. Safe to say I am on the right track ;)

Until next time,


Lindsay and Nina