Eco Fur to the Rescue

Real fur has been falling out of favor for ethical reasons for awhile now, but designers continued to use it because... it's just so beautiful and soft.

We're 100% in on the eco fur trend, not only because it's the right thing to do, but because in many ways it's a better, less expensive, more practical material. Faux fur of a quality that top designers will accept, that has a comparable loft and feel to the real thing, is now a reality.

Gucci has been fur-free since Spring 2018, with Gucci's parent company Kering focusing on sustainability in fashion. Gucci is part of a bigger movement including Calvin Klein, Giorgio Armani and Ralph Lauren.

SIDE NOTE: we believe in owning high quality pieces that you LOVE and wear all the time. It not only helps you build amazing outfits, it reduces your impact on the environment.

Eco Fur at

When building our collections, our philosophy is to find wearable trends, at an accessible price-point. Eco fur presents itself as an incredible deal compared to the real thing, and allowed us to incorporate very fun colorful options by Apparis.

Why we love it:

  • Incredible Value - feels real without the guilt or price tag.
  • Quality - as always, we only carry top quality products here at Mission Edit.
  • Sustainable - less energy to produce and will last longer vs real fur.

With this trendy leopard print coat, the rest of your outfit just needs to play support.

We also love this wearable ivory hooded jacket which looks amazing on everybody.

Styling tip: keep it simple and let the jacket do all the talking. A simple cami and jeans do the trick!

Want more faux fur? Check out the best selling Sophie jacket in Chestnut.

Love what you're seeing?

If fur is your weakness like us (it could be worse), we will always have options for you to indulge guilt free without breaking the budget :) If you need any help, reach out to us on Instagram @mission_edit or leave a comment below!