Eco Fur is the New Fur

Eco Fur is the New Fur

Incase you haven’t heard Gucci announced this month that they pledge to go fur-free beginning with Spring 2018. It is said that Gucci’s parent company, Kering has been on the road to sustainability for about a decade now.  Gucci is part of a bigger movement of brands who made the shift. Some designers include Calvin Klein, Giorgio Armani and Ralph Lauren.

This announcement came a week before Mission Edit received its new eco-friendly brand Molliolli.  We encountered the brand by chance at our first fall buy to Coterie. The vivid colors and beautiful textures got our attention. We were pleased to learn that the fur was eco friendly, an amazing price point and high quality. So of course we bought some for Mission Edit!

About Molliolli

In an effort to conserve the wildlife affected by the fur industry, Korean label Molliolli designs of-the-moment faux fur outwear in vivid, unexpected hues. Each coat, vest and cape features a special acrylic-polyester fabric blend that’s a durable take on a classic look.

Why we love it:

  • Incredible hand- Feels real without the guilt or price tag.
  • Quality- Made with luxury Tissavel.
  • Sustainable- Less energy to produce and will last longer vs real fur.

Faux Navy Fur Vest

(This navy fur vest is extremely soft and versatile. Wear it with pants, dresses or skirts!)


(We love layering it over a quality long sleeve grey shirt and trendy denim.)

Faux Pink Fur Stripe Jacket

(Styling tip: keep it simple and let the jacket do all the talking. Simple white cami and black ripped jeans do the trick!)

Which Eco-fur piece do you like best!? Leave us a comment and let us know. For more styling tricks check out our blog post on statement necklaces.

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