Find Your Style Inspiration

Find Your Style Inspiration

Finding your style inspiration is the first step in your journey to become the fashionable one. If you have no direction, your outfits will be directionless, if you have no inspiration, your outfits will be uninspired (make sense?).

In fact every new thing, every work of art and every scientific breakthrough, begins with inspiration. Monet was inspired by Boudin, and Beyonce by Madonna. We all stand on the shoulders of giants, so they say.

So stop mindlessly browsing and use our method for finding your inspiration...

Create a Style Board

Start collecting fashion images that inspire you and put together your own aesthetic. Ask yourself what about this particular image you love, and what it has in common with all the other images you’ve collected. Don’t be picky in the beginning, save anything that piques your interest, and edit it down later.

Where to look?

Embrace your inner child, get the latest version of Vogue, Elle or Bazaar and break out the scissors. These publications are highly regarded in the fashion world and offer reliable inspiration,which is very helpful for beginners.

The internet is an incredible resource, just be careful where you are looking. There is a lot of bad advice and questionable style out there. Browse the Instagrams of celebrities, and influencers, these are generally a safe place to look. Check out digital versions of fashion magazines, or look through some of our inspirational blog posts. We recommend using Pinterest as a tool, install a pinning app and start exploring.

It is normal to like more than just one style. Your style doesn’t need to fit into one category, it can be one look one day and another the next, or even a mix that is uniquely you.


So you have done your homework and you have a backlog of style inspiration on your phone and you even have an amazing Pinterest board called “My Dream Style”, but you still aren’t sure what your style is or how to put it into words… let us help…

First grab a notebook or open the notes section in your phone. Now look at all of the inspiration you have collected and pick out a few of your favorite photos. See beyond the people and the glamour and really try to zero in on the essence of what it is that you like. Write it down.

Is it casual, comfortable and easy; or bold, striking and confident? Whatever it is write it down. It’s incredible what the act of putting words on paper can do to clarify your thoughts.

When you’ve reviewed your inspiration completely, go back and circle or bold the words you believe describe your style. (Hint: if you wrote down the same word more than once, circle it)

What Does it All Mean!?

Take your list of circled words, group them and try to find one word that describes the group. For example let’s say you wrote refined, polished and sophisticated. The keyword “classic” might describe your style.

But like we have said before you don’t have to be just one style. If you also wrote down the words soft, pretty and gentle. Your style could be a mix of classic and girly.

When you can describe your style with just a few keywords you will be able to better communicate, research and ultimately buy pieces that create the look you are going for.

What’s Next?

You have all of this inspiration and you can finally express in words what your style is… but now what!? How do you go about building this dream wardrobe for your own personal style?

Learn How to Build an Outfit.

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