Hello can you hear me? Our Mission to Add Value

One of the biggest challenges running an online boutique is...well...being online. In my past I was able to talk to every person who came into the store face to face. If they had a question, needed styling advice or just needed to vent I was there for them. We thought long and hard how we could bring some of that priceless face to face advice to the online boutique. After some brainstorming we came up with the versatility score, categorizing clothing and styling each piece three ways.

Versatility Score

When thinking about how to help customers pick what merchandise was right for their needs and wants we came up with the concept of rating each product on how versatile we thought it was. We decided to work off a 1-10 scale, 1 being not versatile at all and 10 being extremely versatile.

So what do we mean when we say versatile? We are scoring how much you can wear it and if it can be styled a numerous amount of ways. For instance if you are a person who only buys a few quality pieces of clothing a year you might be interested in anything that is scored 8 and above, such as thetencel button down. Whereas If you are a person that shops more out of cause, trends or for fun you might look at pieces that are scored 5 and above, like theJu choker.

Essential vs Trend

The next way we break down the item is classifying it in one of four categories. Those categories are casual essential, casual trend, elevated essential and elevated trend. An essential is a piece of clothing that can be worn everyday and stays in style for a long time. Think your favorite white v-neck shirt, your go-to leather jacket, or a little black dress. These are essential pieces in everyone's wardrobe, the foundation of the closet.

When we label something as a trend this means that the piece is new for the season, it has been in style for the past few seasons and it has potential of not being in style for a long period of time. Trends can be tricky and not every trend is for everyone's style. The key with trends is finding the ones you like and buying a few of those pieces and mixing it back with your essential items to create a fresh modern look.   

Casual vs Elevated

After labeling a piece of merchandise as an essential or a trend we take it one step further by analyzing if the piece is casual or elevated. Usually everyday clothing or jewelry that is relaxed, informal and easygoing is labeled as a causal piece. Think you favoritesummer dress that can be worn to Sunday brunch or a walk in the park. Or channel your favorite warm fuzzy sweater you always toss on in the winter. Those are casual pieces. I would actually label both of those casual essentials ;)

So what makes an item elevated? We usually classify items as elevated when the fabric or actual design of the garment is more occasion driven or dressy. A piece that you might wear to work, a holiday party or out to dinner. For instance that silk topyou wear out at night to meet friends or that well tailored jacket that makes everything look sharp.

Styled three ways

The concept of styling each piece three ways came from my love of styling customers when I worked in a physical store. Helping a customer piece together the perfect outfit was the best feeling for me and them. We decided that even though I can not style each customer in person I can still show the customer three ways to style each piece.

These are just a few things we have done to add knowledge, value and efficiently to your online shopping experience and we are always thinking of new ways we can help you. Make sure to also check out the blog post Change your Jewelry, Change your life for more tips on how to change up your outfit. Shop thestore now and use codeEARLY10 for 10% off your purchase. Make sure to leave us a comment and let us know if we’re adding real value to your shopping experience.