How to Build an Outfit

How to Build an Outfit

The first step in your journey to become the fashionable one, is to learn how to build an outfit. You've been doing it your whole life with varying degrees of success, but we think we have a method that will make it easy for you to take it to the next level.

1. Choose a Centerpiece 

The Centerpiece is simply what you will build the outfit around. Usually there are some constraints based on weather, or what you are doing that day. Is it a beautiful summer day and you're headed to a BBQ? Or are you running some errands then meeting a friend for dinner on a cold winter evening?

Embrace these constraints! It gives purpose to your outfit and makes it much easier to make decisions.

For our outfit we're headed to a family BBQ, and we just got a beautiful Floral Kimono that we have been dying to take for a test run.


If you're having trouble choosing a Centerpiece, get some inspiration and shop our collection of the latest trends.

 2. Fill in the Blanks

Now that we have a direction, it's time to build a cohesive outfit. Take a look at your Centerpiece and select a supporting cast that will complement it. Envision how you will look in all these pieces, take them out of your closet and lay them on your bed. Try them on! I know it can get tiring but with practice you'll get better at predicting what will look good together and try on less.

Our Floral Kimono is a bold statement, so we're keeping the top simple. A black tank with a cut-out shoulder detail fits perfectly. For bottoms we've chosen classic white skinny jeans.

If you are having trouble filling in the blanks, review our wardrobe essentials checklist  and buy pieces that are missing.

3. Accessorize

Here is where we complete the outfit. Have fun with this, mix and match, but seek a balanced and cohesive look. If your outfit is already making a statement, choose simple jewelry. If it's a basic look, add a statement piece! There is so much more to dig into when accessorizing, and rules are meant to be broken, but this is a good start for beginners.

We don't want to look too dressed up for a BBQ, so we're keeping our accessories simple and our heels low.

We prefer quality pieces at a price point you're comfortable wearing out. Don't invest in fine bags/jewelry only to let them collect dust in your closet!

4. Consider the Third Piece

The "Third Piece" is simply an extra piece added to any outfit that is not strictly necessary but takes it to the next level. Examples would be a jacket, hat, blazer, statement necklace, scarf etc. Really anything that stands out and makes you say "wow that girl looks good". 

We tried a hat with our look, but it just felt like too much for the occasion. We’ve decided to add a black purse with a chain detail to balance out our black shoes.

5. Review

You look amazing, but could you do better? Is there any piece of your outfit that could be improved? Maybe change out your flats for heels, or try the look with your hair up. Look critically at your choices, but don't be too hard on yourself, and don't be afraid to wear it out!

We ended up keeping our bigger accessories (purse, shoes and sunglasses) cohesive and our jewelry dainty so the Kimono could remain the star of the show!

Let's build outfits together!

We aim to make things easier for our clients by keeping an edited collection of the latest trends, and high quality basics. If you need any help, reach out to us on Instagram @mission_edit or leave a comment below!

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