How to Pack like a Minimalist

Face it, over packing is way too easy to do. You start off with good intentions and the night before you start cramming in that extra dress or another pair of pants, you think "maybe I need the top I never wear?"

I remember a trip I took to Cancun. I think I was about 13 years old. I dragged two suitcases one exclusively for shoes and the other one contained 90% of my summer wardrobe for a 7 day trip. Five outfit changes per day: outfit for breakfast, outfit for the beach, outfit for lunch, outfit for dinner and an outfit for after dinner. I am not kidding!

This brings me to a trip I took in the beginning of July, I was determined to be a practical, minimalist, fashionista (and I'm 27 now, so I like to think I learned a thing or two). Justin and I were headed to Rhode Island for the first time, I packed the following items:

One dress
Three t-shirts
One Jacket
Two bottoms
Two pairs of shoes
One bathing suit
Five pieces of jewelry

Here are the outfits I made...

White Indigenous t-shirt+Rag & Bone denim shorts+Vans white sneakers+Jenny Bird gold Yaya choker+Jenny Bird gold Arc necklace

Grey Alternative t-shirt+Splendid stripe pants+Barney's gold sandals+Jenny Bird Lizzie cuff+Jenny Bird gold Yaya choker

Alternative navy dress+ZARA denim jacket+Vans white sneakers+Jenny Bird silver Yaya choker+Jenny Bird silver Icon hoops

Alternative stripe crew neck t-shirt+Rag&Bone denim shorts+Vans white sneakers+Jenny Bird silver Mia hoops

Well you guys I am happy to report back I survived! I didn't change my outfit five times a day and it was LIBERATING. My advice for you is if you do normally pack 90% of your wardrobe for any given trip try packing only the outfits you really need, I think you'll love it!

Here's the strategy:

  1. Bring items that work together (same color family or complementary)
  2. Pack neutral basics, a white t-shirt can work with everything
  3. Neutral shoes, they're you bulkiest, heaviest item, easy to minimize
  4. Jewelry is compact, light and can make an outfit! (check out my previous post Change your Jewelry, Change your Life  and see how changing your jewelry can change an entire look).

Are you missing the essentials you need to pack like a minimalist?Shop the website now and get everything you need to mix and match your way through vacation. We want to hear how you would style the Alternative t-shirt dress and the three t-shirts above. Leave us a comment and let us know!

Until the next adventure.