How to style your Little Black Dress

The secret is out, we love a great little black dress. There is just something about a LBD that always makes you feel chic and confident. It seems like no matter how many you own you always have room for just one more. This past Saturday I put the LBD to the test. I wanted to wear the  BLQ sleeveless dress all day long but needed to look casual during the day for a farmers market and elevated at night for a dressy dinner. Check out below how I styled this LBD from day to night with just a few switches in accessories and shoes.

Daytime Casual: Trip to the Farmers Market

We arrived at the farmers market around 10:30am. One of our first stops was to  Just Juice Smoothies to get the amazing Kale-ing me Softly(aka delicious guilt-free smoothie that's mostly salad but somehow doesn't taste like it). Smoothies in hand, we perused the rest of the market: local produce, made to order food, gorgeous flowers you know what farmers markets are made of ;)

For my farmers market casual daytime look I wore my favorite go-to denim jacket, comfortable gladiator sandals, the  Lizzie cuffand the fun gold  Mia hoop earrings. Check out the photos below to see my casual look.

An Elevated Evening: Dinner Out

After a fun day at the farmer's market I had an early dinner date in the same area. Instead of driving home and changing I brought with me my timeless suede pointy toe pumps and the gold  Edie hoop earrings. That’s it...just two pieces and I was able to elevated my  LBD.



Taking the sleeveless LBD dress from day to night, casual to elevated was so simple and convenient. We would love for you to leave us a comment and tell us how you would style this  LBD. Do you need a staple dress in your wardrobe? Make sure to check out our collection of elegant, quality  dresses that are sure to become staples in your closet.

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