Let it Go

Let it go, easy enough right? Three words that are easier said than done.

How much clothing do you have in your closet right now? How much do you actually wear? Holes, stains, ill-fitting, outdated, once loved clothes: we all are guilty of holding on just a little bit too long... we are here today to inspire you and give you permission to let it go :)

Stains & Holes

Your favorite shirt has a stain or hole in it... b-but it’s your favorite shirt you say... so you keep it anyways. You decide I will just wear it “one more time” which usually turns into a handful of more times. Each time that hole gets a little bigger, that stain a little more noticeable and overall the t-shirt is looking mighty sad. But hey love is blind...so they say.

My point is you cherished that shirt, heck you loved it so hard that it has holes and stains all over it. So I am going to say this nice and clear...it is time to let it go. Let that holey stained t-shirt go to t-shirt heaven. Don’t fret too much I promise you that the perfect t-shirt is out there waiting for you to come along and claim it and when you find each other it will be like experiencing the total eclipse. 

Fit. Fit. Fit.

Fit is the most important thing when it comes to fashion, you can buy the finest designer threads but if they fit sloppy or even too tight, you'll look like a clueless 9th grader on her first day of school. 

It is time to get rid of the clothes that are too big, too small or just fit your body poorly. You know what works for you (if not drop me a line and I can help), so fill your closet with beautiful pieces that fit and flatter your body! Don't get caught dreaming of what once was, live for today!

That top is so 1985

So I will admit maybe I have never heard anyone actually say that top is so 1985 but you get the picture. Sometimes we hold on to clothes that last graced our bodies 10 years ago, that piece of clothing that holds some type of sentimental value, or a "just in case it comes back in style" piece.

Reality check, it's just outdated. Even if that piece you are so dearly holding on to comes back in style...I have news for you...it will still not be in style. Whatever trend they are playing off of the new up to date version will come back looking modern, fresh and in the current season's color palette. In simple terms it is time to let your outdated clothing go, I promise whoever bought those Bermuda shorts for your birthday in 2002 will forgive you.

What now, what will I wear!?

Now that half of your closet is empty, you are allowed to go SHOPPING. That is right I just gave you permission to go shopping, I’m the best...I know. But before you go on some all day mindless shopping spree desperate to replace everything you just got rid of I need you to pump those brakes missy.

First, take inventory of your current closet. List what you own and answer two questions:

  1. What did you get rid of that you would like to replace?
  2. What items have you always wanted?
  3. What do I wear all the time that could use a quality boost?

After you have compiled this information I think it is safe to slowly make that list become a reality. I say slowly because I want you to buy only the things that you need, fit you well, are high quality and make you feel happy.

We really want your closet to be a peaceful place so that when the rest of your life is chaotic your wardrobe won’t be.

Check out these three great wardrobe staples that can help you upgrade or start over!

(Indigenous Organic white long sleeve scoop neck t-shirt)

(BLQ black long sleeve loose dress)

(Indigenous organic a-line boat neck pullover sweater)

Until next time.