Meet Savonna, Mission Edit's Assistant Buyer

Where the story starts...

Savonna and I have a long history and it all started one afternoon in the first grade when the teacher instructed all the kids to go to the back of the classroom for story time. While the teacher was reading Savonna looked up and saw me hitting a boy with my shoe, she immediately knew she wanted to be my friend. Apparently this boy was poking me and I had to do what I had to do ;) She approached me after story time and we have been friends ever since. We were able to spend a lot of time together in our childhood attending the same school, after school care programs and summer camps. We loved to do creative activities together such as writing songs, making collages, drawing and shop. When Middle school came around Savonna moved so we saw each other less but still kept in touch by writing one another letters. I saw her less when she moved away for college in North Carolina, but whenever we talked it was like no time had passed at all.

(Savonna and me "trying" to model at age 18)

Savonna’s role at Mission Edit

About three years ago Savonna was here visiting and I tossed around the idea of starting an online boutique. She was curious and excited about the idea. Fast forward to last January when I called her up and told her we were going to make it a reality. I asked if she would go to Coterie with me to do the first buy for Mission Edit. She was excited and said YES!

Now Savonna’s background is not fashion, in fact it is in art. She is an artist that owns her own business and got her MFA from SCAD in 2015. Savonna is primarily an abstract painter and textile artist. Check out a few pictures below and click  here to see all of her work! She brings to the table another artistic eye, a consumer point of view and an extended knowledge of textiles. She also has a trained eye in design and is extremely detail focused. With my fashion knowledge and her artist expertise we make a great buying team.

(Photos by Keri Weiland Photography)

Savonna’s lifestyle

Since Savonna visited me last weekend I got to sit her down and I wanted to know what her everyday style was based on her current lifestyle. She lives just north of Atlanta, Georgia with her husband and two dogs. She has a studio set up in her house where she paints and works on her artwork. She describes her everyday style as casual, comfy and leans towards great t-shirts, quality jeans and a comfortable knit dress. She has a no fuss routine. On the flip side she also has to dress up for art events. Since most artists wear neutral colors to events so they don’t clash with the art, she owns a lot of little black dresses and switches them up by adding a unique pieces of jewelry.

Savonna’s Top Picks:

Read below to see what Savonna owns and why she loves each piece for her lifestyle!

Alternative Flirt satin jersey  grey t-shirt:

  • Very soft, comfortable, and flattering. I like how it is tight in the right places and loose in the places that needs more room for forgiveness.
  • Color is extremely versatile and compliments other items that I already own.
  • I love anything that is easy to care for, with this blend of fabric I can throw it in the washer and it dries quickly from just laying the garment flat.
  • I also wear natural deodorant and the way the sleeves are cut let air flow come in and let me tell you if you wear natural deodorant you understand why this is so important.


Nocturne  Nel necklace:

  • First things first, I get multiple compliments every time I wear this necklace.
  • I love how you can pair it with a simple t-shirt and look so put together.
  • The navy and gold is great combination and really pairs back to a lot of neutrals I own.
  • Being an artist I really appreciate that it is handmade, the quality and the care that went into making it.
  • I have already worn this necklace multiple times and each time I put it on I am just excited to wear it as I was the first time.
  • Bonus: the necklace is weighted but I don’t feel like I have a weight hanging from my neck.


 Ginia Eva V-neck black  satin cami:

  • This silk tank comes across sophisticated, chic and elegant. It is the perfect neutral piece to wear to an art event.
  • It can be layered and adds a different texture to an outfit. I plan on putting one of my favorite sweaters over the tank in the fall for a nice contrast.
  • I also really love natural fabrics and appreciate that this piece is 100% silk.
  • Side note: my husband's eyes lit up when he saw me in it ;)

Parker Smith  Ava skinny jeans in gravel:

  • The shade of grey is perfect, it paired back well to so many tops I already own.
  • I also love that the grey is a softer look vs a black pant but can still be just as dressy.
  • The denim is high quality, soft, has a great fit and retains its shape.
  • The jeans also hit at a flattering height, the zipper lays flat and you never have that awkward fly starting to come down moment.
  • For more tips on denim check out the blog post Solving your Denim Dilemma

Indigenous white v-neck  t-shirt:

  • This t-shirt is insanely comfortable, soft and high quality.
  • I love that the t-shirt is made from 100% organic cotton and is healthy for me and the planet.
  • The brand is socially and environmentally responsible which just makes you feel good about purchasing and wearing this t-shirt.
  • The length is great because I can wear it with a lot of different bottoms and tuck and untuck it as I please.
  • Overall a great high quality staple that everyone needs in their wardrobe no matter your lifestyle.

These items work great for Savonna’s lifestyle would they work great for yours too?  Shop the website now to see all of the items above and what pieces could work for you. Need some help deciding which pieces would work best for you? Leave me a comment or write me an email and I would be happy to help you through the process! Remember fall is just around the corner so act now to make sure you are ready to take on the season with ease, confidence and style.