NYE Outfit Inspiration

The Holidays are coming fast and before you know it you will go from unwrapping gifts to dancing your way into 2018 (or if your like me eating your way blissfully into the New Year).

There is no better feeling than having the PERFECT outfit for an event. Confident you enter the room and everybody can tell: this woman has got it together :)

The Sequin Top

Who doesn’t love to shine on NYE or any night for that matter? First we love anything off the shoulder. Instant chic. Second I love that Three Eighty Two made the sleeves sheer it really makes the top that much more alluring. Last but not least we love when sequins are done right (they are here).

The Ziggy Drops

Bare shoulders call for the perfect statement earring. We think the Ziggy Drops from Jenny Bird are perfect for an all nighter. The light weight earrings are sleek but still give off a festive vibe.

The Perfect Black Pants

What would this outfit be without the essential that holds it all together!? I am telling you the black skinny jeans from Parker Smith are so SOFT and so comfortable you will feel like you are wearing your favorite leggings out.

You may catch me in this outfit on NYE but who could blame me? The top is so chic and the overall look is stylish and comfortable. My two favorite things. Leave me a comment and let me know what you are wearing this NYE!?