Quality over Quantity

I know that everyone has different budgets when it comes to what they can spend for there own wardrobe. But have you actually ever thought about all of the money you are spending on fast fashion? Do you ever think about how many times a year you have to go and buy that same item again? Did it ever occur to you that maybe spending an extra $20-$60 dollars on an item would actually save you money and time? See below why quality over quantity wins.

Save Money and Time

You heard me right, you save money and time when you buy quality over quantity. Let’s take for example a pair of jeans. This is a staple in everyone's wardrobe and something that might be on your shopping list every year. Before I bought my first pair of high quality jeans I would spend numerous hours at the mall every few months searching for a pair that fit my body. I would buy a pair here and there but was never truly satisfied. I would wear the jeans I bought but every time I wore them I was never truly content. This would always trigger my brain to start thinking about when I could go to the mall and buy yet another pair. This lead to me donating a lot of jeans with little care and you guessed it,  go to the mall and repeat the vicious cycle.

Four years ago I finally took the plunge and bought my first pair of high quality jeans. This was also my first time trying on a pair of quality jeans and I was shocked at the difference. First thing is first the feel! The feeling of high quality denim is like none other. Soft, comfortable and flexible. The second thing was the fit. This was the first time in my life when I felt like a pair of pants actually fit my body. They were the perfect length, laid flat across the front and hugged me in all the right places. I was officially in love and maybe slightly obsessed.

Fast forward to present day I still own that pair of jeans and they are STILL my favorite go-to pair of dark blue jeans. My brain no longer wanders and thinks when should I go to the mall to look for another pair of jeans. Instead I now know what brands and what type of pant fit my body. Now I invest in a pair every once in awhile until I build up my desired collection. Now is this collection going to take longer to build vs a fast fashion collection? Absolutely, but I have never donated any of my quality jeans in the past four years because I still truly love them and feel confident every time I wear them.

Actually love the items you own

This leads me to if you buy quality over quantity you will actually love the items in your wardrobe and take good care of them. How many times do you open your closet and see a lot of options but nothing you actually want to wear? It happens to us all. Maybe we have just worn a particular item too many times? Maybe it is because you don’t actually love anything in your wardrobe. Whichever the reason you have to admit maybe a reason is you just bought that top because it was on sale, not because you needed it or loved it. I will let you on in a secret. When you spend more money on a piece of clothing you don’t buy it unless you are in LOVE with it. You do not make excuses for that item. That item has to feels amazing, fit you perfect and is going to be a great addition to your closet. Basically an item with a larger price tag is going to make you think longer about buying it, but also make you think smarter about your purchase. Say goodbye to impulse shopping and over spending on items you don’t need.

Taking care of your clothes better

Since you spent a pretty penny on this piece of clothing and you are in love with it...you will also take better care of it. Taking better care of your investment pieces will help the investment last even longer. Therefore once again saving you time and money.

Less Waste, More Ethical

The less you buy, the less you eventually have to get rid of. Which means overall getting rid of less is better for the Earth. You also have to think about how some cheap products are made. Most of the time they are processed with harmful chemicals that can be super harsh on the environment. Another factor to consider is asking yourself how how can this company sell me a dress for $10? Are these products being made ethically? Maybe yes but maybe no. These are all things that you need to consider when about to purchase an item. Do your research on brands. Over all buying quality over quantity is less wasteful and can be more socially and environmentally ethical.

Three pieces we recommend you invest in today

If you didn’t see this one coming you definitely didn’t read how serious I am about owning quality denim. Everyone should invest in a pant that is comfortable, fits them well and makes them feel confident. We suggest the Parker Smith  bombshell skinny in Noir. Parker Smith denim is not only extremely soft and comfortable, they are also designed to flatter all body types. If you need help picking a pair of pants to invest it check out our previous blog post  Solving your Denim Dilemma.

Another item that you should invest in is the little  black dress. This ribbed black dress from BLQ is the perfect dress to invest in. It is extremely versatile and will take you from work appropriate to cocktail ready in a flash.

One last great essential piece to invest in is a solid  white v-neck t-shirt. The one from Indigenous we carry is handmade from premium organic cotton and probably one of the softest things you will ever put on your body.

We truly believe quality over quantity wins and if you haven’t tried on a quality piece I urge you to try. I urge you to try and change how you think about clothes and how you can save time, money and truly love the clothes you buy. Leave us a comment and let us know if you believe that quality over quantity wins. We would love to hear your thoughts on the topic.

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