Style: The New Going Out Look

There is a new going out look in town and we bet you will trade in your body con dress for these chic new styles.  

So Fresh and So Clean Clean

New year, new going out look? Okay so maybe you can really apply the New Year, New Me to well every aspect in your life. BUT we think rethinking your go-to going out look could be just the thing you need to refresh.

The New Trends

  1. Ruffles

Ruffles are popping up on everything! Yes this includes your going out look as well. Note how the feminine ruffles on each blouse brings just the right amount of drama to your look.

2.) One Shoulder

What’s better than showing both shoulders? Try showing one instead! Updated, sophisticated and alluring if you are ready to try something new we suggest the one shoulder.

3,) Relaxed fit

Gone are the days when you HAVE to wear a skin tight assemble (hello bodycon dress) out and about. The new going out top has a relaxed body so that you can breath and face it eat and drink whatever you want. Winning!

How to Style It:

Since both tops have a lot of volume and detail we wanted to pair them with simple skinny black jeans to make sure the tops were well balanced out. (Also it is like 10 degrees out...pants are the way to go for now)

We also decided that since each top had a lot of details around the neck we would focus on pairing each top with the perfect statement earring.

How do you feel about the new going out looks? Are you ready for a change in pace and a more relaxed fit? Leave us a comment and let us know your thoughts.

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Until next time.