It’s All About the Sleeve Details

Attention! Statement sleeves are here to steal the show this fall. From cold shoulder to asymmetrical it's time for SLEEVES to shine.

Dare to Stand out: Asymmetrical with Ruffle flounce sleeve

(Try the  trend)

Hello modern asymmetrical, flounce sleeves and ruffles! (really modern, but wait until you read how old the ruffle sleeve is)  

They say fashion is on a 20 year cycle, and while slightly behind schedule, symmetrical shoulders revisit us from the 80s, while the flounce sleeve is first seen in the Victorian era (1800s to be exact).

Ruffles though, first gained popularity in the 1500s! Rumor is, way back then ruffles came into fashion after people started mimicking the ragged look of soldiers returning from war. (we call this the  trickle down theory)

Try Something New: Tie Details

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Another sleeve detail you will start to see everywhere this season is the tie detail. This fun embellishment can be seen with a regular, flounce or bell sleeve.

Want to try the tie sleeve detail trend? The Tierney sweatshirt offers the perfect balance between practical and on trend. We like to keep it simple it with black pants and thin hoops (let the shirt stand out).

Still on Trend: Cold shoulder

(Embrace the cold shoulder top)

The cold shoulder has been a strong trend for the past few seasons with no signs of slowing down. We see some designers sticking to the original cold shoulder design of a single cutout, other designers are pushing the envelope with a few extra slashes on the shoulder area.

STYLE EDIT: When wearing statement tops don’t compete with your top. Let the statement sleeves be the key focus of your outfit. Keep bottoms and jewelry simple.

What statement sleeve trend is your favorite? Do you already own any of these trends? Leave us a comment and let us know which one you want to try this season!

Until next time.