How to change your look with different statement necklaces!

Have you ever noticed how one accessory can really make or break your outfit? We want to show you how changing your necklace can really tie an entire look together and give you a totally different aesthetic.


(The base of the outfit: wearing a white silk cami, grey suede like cardi and light denim)

The Shun Necklace

(What's the secret? The colored stones bring this entire look together)

The colors in the Shun necklace instantly tie the outfit together. Light pink stones with touches of iridescent shine (that’s the mother of pearl) pick up the purple in the grey cardi. While the green brings an unexpected interest and pop to the entire outfit.

The Cleo Choker

(Pleasing to the eye, the Cleo choker really plays with negative and positive space)

The Cleo choker really draws the eye up and the attention is focused on the choker and collar of the suede cardi. The choker creates a nice amount of negative space between the cami and necklace. A pleasing amount of negative and positive space creates a balanced composition like the image above. 

The Zhu Necklace 

(Talk about a statement, the Zhu necklace is the perfect conversation starter)

The Zhu necklace is a BIG statement necklace that really takes up space. Do you notice how your eyes are instantly drawn to the geometric pattern, sparkly stones and multiple textures? The necklace really draws you in and becomes the focus of the entire outfit.

Which necklace do you like best with the outfit? Leave us a comment and let us know! Also make sure to check out Change Your Jewelry, Change Your Life.

Until next time.