Your Vacation Outfit Inspiration Is Here!

Let me paint you a scenario. It’s the end of March and the hope of Spring is fleeting. On a particular gloomy rainy day I decide to check the weather app on my phone. Out of horror and fright I see that snow is in the forecast for the weekend. Everything in my body screams “Need vitamin D” this my friends is when the googling begun and this is how I ended up in Miami…


Okay so not really...but let me tell you the moment I stepped out of the MIA airport and felt the humid hot air touch my skin I was alive again! Not only was I actually warm (gasp) I also felt instantly rejuvenated.

So yea I was super excited about the beach, sun and tropical drinks with the umbrella in them (duh) but I was also pumped about being able to emerge myself fully into my summer wardrobe.


If there is one great piece to have every summer it is your go-to dress. You know the dress I am talking about ladies, the one that you can’t stop wearing and somehow is comfortable and stylish!? (Thank you dress for being the real MVP)

Well it just so happens that for me this stripe dress was my perfect little summer dress for my trip. So lightweight, comfortable and can I say it CHIC! I adore the cold shoulder and ruffle details. I wore this dress to breakfast and paired it with my favorite gold metallic sandals, my new it bag of the season, a pair of geometric earrings and my silver mirrored sunnies and HUNNY I was feeling right.


First thing's first I LIVE for a good jumpsuit and when this tropical number came dancing into my life (and boutique) I couldn’t wait for the perfect occasion to wear it. So since spring is taking its sweet time to arrive, I knew immediately this piece had to come with me.

I wore this tropical jumpsuit in the afternoon when me and my girls were exploring some of the other hotels and shops in the area. Since we were doing some walking I wore my comfy gold metallic sandals (told you they were my favorite), my woven bag, geometric earrings and my vintage Gucci sunglasses.

Side note- for those of you wondering...yes this jumpsuit felt like wearing your PJS all day, you're welcome.


After a full day at the beach and pool what’s a girl to do a night!? Get glam, put on a cute outfit and eat tacos with her girls of course ;)

I didn’t try this outfit on beforehand so I was pleasantly surprised that the image in my head turned out so well. I really adore this feminine ruffle wrap top paired with these edgy trendy jeans, bold circle earrings for the perfect pop, a light pink mini purse and gold sandals with just a baby heel. (I am too practical sometimes, what can I say!? Just keeping it real)

Overall thought I love when opposites attract and make one slaying outfit.


Well my friends after four beautiful days in Miami the fun came to an end and I flew back home to the lovely Northern VA with hopeful thoughts of never wearing my winter jacket again (wrong).

None the less I hope this post gave you a taste of the sun and also inspired you for your next trip! If you like my looks be sure to click on the pictures to shop my outfits.

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Until next time!