Who is the Fashionable One?

Who is the Fashionable One?

Here at Mission Edit we use the phrase “the fashionable one” pretty often. But what do we mean when we say that? Let us explain…

She is Effortlessly Stylish

The “fashionable one” is the woman who always looks good, but it seems so natural to her that you might imagine she rolls out of bed in the perfect outfit every time.

How is this possible you ask!? She understands herself, what she looks good in, and what she feels confident in. She knows how to build an outfit, and she is constantly curating a wardrobe that allows her to do it very quickly, on a daily basis. Although it is not actually effortless, for her it is very easy and FUN.

She is Confident

The “fashionable one” enjoys how she looks, and when she builds a new outfit she isn’t afraid to wear it out. She selects her armor each day and goes into the world feeling strong, empowered and confident.

Let’s face it, few of us are blessed with a flawless complexion and a perfect bone structure, but we all can be healthy and beautiful. The “fashionable one” knows this and it is clear in her style and demeanor.

She Conquers the Day

The “fashionable one” takes on challenges with style and grace, and always strives to achieve her highest potential in life. Her style reflects her “I can do it” attitude and helps her navigate through difficult situations and everyday problems. Fashion for her is as much a tool as it is a creative expression and fun hobby.

We think that everybody has what it takes to be the fashionable one, including you. Are you mostly clueless? Fashion veteran? Somewhere in between? Either way we’re here to be your style guide as we grow on our journey together.

Start with our guide to Finding Your Inspiration.

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